NIS Directive Representative

The EU Directive on the Security of Network and Information Systems was transposed into Irish law by way of the European Union (Measures for a High Common Level of Security of Network and Information Systems) Regulations 2018 (the “NIS Directive”).

The NIS Directive can be relevant to:

(operators of essential services)

These are critical infrastructure organisations in the energy, transport, banking, financial market infrastructures, healthcare, water and digital infrastructure sectors.

(digital service providers)

DSPs provide specific types of digital services, operating as an online marketplace, online search engine and/or Cloud computing service.

Please note that your organisation will be affected if you are a digital service provider that:


Appointing a NIS Directive representative

OES and DSPs that are not established in the EU but provide services within the EU that fall within the scope of the NIS Directive must appoint a NIS Directive representative. The representative must be based in an EU member state in which the OES or DSP offers those services.

NIS Directive Representative Service

As part of our NIS Directive representative service, we:

Act as your point of contact with your competent authority;

Act on your behalf as liaison for incident reporting to your competent authority;

Act as the initial point of contact for communications received from a competent authority regarding data privacy incidents or other NIS Directive-related enquiries;

Act as the initial point of contact for communications received from individuals regarding a specific security incident or other NIS Directive-related enquiries; and

Assist with the wording of informative communications with customers, clients and other stakeholders regarding any notifiable security incidents.

You may appoint the same representative as your GDPR and NIS Directive Representative

Please contact our team at if you would like to discuss the process of appointing a GDPR or NIS Directive Representative for your company.

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