GDPR Representative &
NIS Directive Representative

Our Services:


Register our EU address as your GDPR representative address.

Dedicated Point of Contact

Name us on your privacy notice as the point of contact in the EEA for all data & GDPR queries. 


Act on your behalf with Eurpoean data protection supervisory authorities

Oversee Activities

Be addressed on all issues related to your personal data processing and / or processing activities.

Record Maintenance

Maintain your record of processing activities (ROPA) as required by the GDPR (Art. 30).

Reporting Updates

Keep you updated with respective changes to EU rules on personal data processing.

Established Query & Complaint Process

If a data query or complaint arises liaise with you in a timely manner to adhere to strict GDPR guidelines as to processing same on behalf of the data subject.

Coherent Management

Oversee and manage engagement with EU data subjects to represent your organisation within the EEA.

Why It’s Important:

Consequences of Ignoring GDPR

Being awarded substantial financial penalties (up to 2% of your global turnover).

Reputational damage to your brand.

Aggrieved data subjects taking civil proceedings in the EEA / EU member state seeking compensation for a data breach.

Loss of market share to competitors in the EU marketplace.

What To Be Aware Of:

A Working Example

A non EEA organisation does not have offices in the EEA but has a regular client base from the EEA. The organisation must appoint an European representative to act as its direct contact for its clients (the data subjects) and European supervisory authorities. This European representative may be based in Ireland or any other EAA state.

About Us:

Who We Are

Our representative services are provided by a team of expert lawyers and compliance advisors based
in Ireland.

Work With Us

We have a team of legal and administrative support professionals located at our offices in Dublin.

Our role is to ensure that your organisation complies with the GDPR by enabling communication with EU data subjects and data regulatory protection authorities.

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